We dedicate this page in Memory and Honor of

 those whom have gone on before us


Wilbur Foster, Earl Cuff, Chris Strauss, Steve Strauss,

Ron Colledge, Tom Benfer, Jack Cuff, Shelvia Sweitzer,

Michaell "Pappy" Williams, Melissa McMahon, John Stewart, David A. Yocum, Rick Guthridge


I'm safely home in heaven though I know you miss me so.

The love I have always felt for you within my heart still flows.


My spirit will remain with you every single day, appearing as a

rainbow or as ocean waves that play.


I'm in the gentle rains that fall and in the morning dew.

All you see that is beautiful reflects my love for you.


I didn't mean to cause you pain, my time had simply come.

The work that I was meant to do on earth had all been done.


I'm safely home in heaven where eternal peace is mine.

And where, when God has called you too,

I will be forever thine.