2nd     OPEN     

        4th      Rides for A Smile, William Penn, (rain date 5th)

        10th    Touring Friends meeting 6:30 @ Brooklyn

        15th    Open picnic ride, Chapter 35

        16th    TOY RUN

        22nd    OCC, New York, time to be announced

        23rd    OPEN

        25th    Rides for A Smile, Elmcroft, (rain date 27th)

        29th    Vietnam Veterans Memorial ride, Burnham, Pa

        30th     Lake Tobias



        6th      Jim Thorpe

        13th    OPEN

        14th    Touring Friends meeting 6:30 @ Brooklyn, 1st Nominations of Officers  

        17th - 20th, Ocean City, Md., (Bike Week)

        20th     OPEN

        27th     Bennezette, Pa



        3rd      Kinzua Bridge

        4th      OPEN

        11th    OPEN

        12th    Touring Friends meeting 6:30 @ Brooklyn, 2nd Nominations of Officers

        18th    OPEN

        25th    Hyner View                 



         11th    Touring Friends meeting 6:30 @ Brooklyn, Election of Officers


"KSUp", Kick Stands Up       DATE= Saturday ride


"ALL" rides subject to change


F.M.I.,  1-877-861-5218



Most rides will originate at the Walnut St., Minit Mart, KSUp at 9am, unless otherwise stated


Rides will be 40-45 miles in range or 1 hour which ever comes first, then a break, unless otherwise decided before the ride leaves.